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Stick By A Man With Stickers

| Related | February 25, 2013

(My boyfriend is meeting my family for the first time, including my beloved 2-year-old niece. He is absolutely clueless when it comes to kids, which makes him uncomfortable around them. He is very physically imposing, which makes them shy around him. It’s Christmas Day, and my niece has just finished opening her presents, which include several Dora The Explorer toys and sticker books. The adults are in the kitchen talking when my niece approaches my boyfriend and pulls on his pant leg.)

Niece: “Wanna play Dora with me?”

Boyfriend: *surprised* “Well, sure.”

(He smiles and shrugs as he follows her into the living room. Fifteen minutes later, I go to grab something from my bag, I walk in on the cutest sight: My 6’6″ boyfriend sitting at a children’s tea table with Dora stickers covering his arms, shirt and face. My niece is in the act on placing one on his nose.)

Boyfriend: *straight-faced* “Apparently, this is where the stickers go.”

Me: *choking back laughter, but trying to rescue him* “Baby, don’t you want to put any of the stickers in the book?”

Niece: “No! He’s prettier now!”

Boyfriend: “Honey, honey. Come on. I’m prettier now.”

Me: “Okay, then. Carry on!”

(I ended up marrying him, and to this day, he’s still my niece’s favorite playmate!)

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