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Steven Spielberg Versus Tim Cook

, , , , | Right | November 21, 2023

A client has sent us a brief for shooting a brand awareness video. Their requirements seem ambitious, but not impossible, and we get back to them with a quote.

Client: “What! Why is it so much money?!”

Me: “Well, we’ve provided a breakdown of the costs in the document, but most of that will be the camera equipment and the on-location shooting.”

Client: “Apple say you can shoot feature-film quality shots on their iPhones! Use iPhones for the video. That means you can take all that camera equipment costs off.”

Ugh. I hate those Apple ads for exactly this reason.

Me: “What you’re asking for is not possible on an iPhone.”

Client: “Fine, use an iPhone Pro Max, then.”

It didn’t work out…

Question of the Week

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