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Step One: Relabel The Doors

, , , | Working | August 19, 2021

I leave the pool with my father. The pictograms on the door of the changing rooms are not very clear. We cross two girls, surely in college, who leave the swimming pool and go toward the changing rooms.

Lifeguard: *To the girls* “This is the men’s changing rooms here.”

Girl #1: *Blushing* “Oh, we didn’t notice when we came in.”

Girl #2: *Also blushing* “We’re sorry.”

They open the door.

Lifeguard: “But now you know, you don’t have to come in.”

Girl #1: “But our stuff is in the locker room.”

Lifeguard: “You don’t have to go into the men’s locker room.”

Father: “Their stuff is here! Do you want them to go home in their bathing suits?”

The lifeguard seemed to understand and let them go. The lifeguard didn’t seem to be a jerka** trying to forbid them to go home for what was clearly an honest mistake. He seemed to not understand that if we go to the wrong locker room at the beginning, our stuff stays in the locker room and doesn’t magically change places.