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Steel Yourself For Some Stealing

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(In the subway, some people sneak a free ride by jumping after you in the gate. I HATE it when they do it to me without asking me first. However, when people ask me politely if they can sneak in behind me, I always give them one of my tickets, hoping it will inspire them to be generous toward other people, too. Most of the time, they take my ticket, smile, and say, “Thank you.” Today, I’m about to enter and an elderly lady comes to me.)

Lady: “Hello. May I sneak in with you, please?”

Me: “No, take this!”

(I give her a ticket and I enter. I’m waiting for my train when she comes to me, probably after sneaking in with someone else, and shows me the unused ticket I gave her.)

Lady: “Excuse me. I cannot steal this from you.”

Me: “You’re not stealing anything from me. This is a gift.”

Lady: “I don’t want to take your ticket. I’m a Christian. I don’t want to steal from other people!”

Me: “Accepting a gift is not stealing, and anyway, it cost me hardly more than one euro. I just want to be nice to you. Please.”

Lady: “No, I cannot do that!”

Me: “Please, take it and help a complete stranger in turn. Then suggest to him or her to help another stranger. And so on!”

Lady: “No, I don’t want to do that! I’m a good Christian. I don’t steal from other people. Just take your ticket back!”

Me: “You’re a Christian and you don’t want me to make a good deed?”

Lady: “I don’t want to STEAL!”

Me: “Actually, sneaking in IS stealing from the transportation control, you know? I don’t want to be an accessory to stealing. Please, just take it. It’s just a ticket.”

Lady: “No! It would be WRONG!”

(She left the ticket on a bench instead of accepting it. The thing is, there are often controls in that subway and the fines are huge. Not only was she uncaring and rude, but she was also stupid not to accept my gift.)

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