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Stay Traditional And Have Big Bird For Christmas

| Related | December 17, 2012

(I have just come home from visiting my best friend for two days. I am 29, and my brother is 23.)

Me: “Look, look! Friend gave me that Gonzo plushie I wanted for Christmas!”

Brother: “…Son of a b****!”

Me: “Eh?”

Brother: “I ordered you one of those for Christmas.”

Me: “Oh. Um, sorry? In fairness, I didn’t think you’d get one, since you made fun of me for wanting it when I told you.”

Brother: “Now I have to cancel it and think of something else.”

Me: “At least you can cancel it?”

Brother: “This is so messed up.”

Me: “Hey! You deserve a headache for making fun of anything related to The Muppets!”

Brother: “…Touché.”

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