Stay “Switched” On After This

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(I am a part-time employee. On one of my days off, I get a call.)

General Manager: “Where are you? Aren’t you coming in today?”

Me: “What? No, I don’t think so.”

(I double-check the schedule just to make sure, and I am indeed off.)

Me: “No, I’m listed as being off today.”

General Manager: “But [New Coworker] said you were trading shifts with her today!”

Me: “What? No one told me!”

General Manager: “Huh? But she said you were fine with it! That’s why I switched you!”

Me: “She never even mentioned it to me.”

General Manager: “Well, can you come in anyway? She’s not answering her phone.”

(I was able to come in, and only missed the first hour or so of the shift. Shockingly, the new worker didn’t show up on the day she supposedly “switched” for, either, so I had to work that day, too. My GM got wise after that though, and started conferring with me whenever she asked to “switch.” She stopped showing up to work about a month later, and then had the gall to apply for unemployment.)

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