Station Yourself In A Safe Place

, , | Hopeless | March 14, 2017

I’m a 20-year-old woman. I am going to a music festival far away from my home. I go alone and schedule to meet with two friends of mine at the train station, since none of us has ever been there before. They have missed a train, so we all end up waiting five hours.

During those five hours in the train station (it is winter and quite cold), I have books so I have no problem entertaining myself. An elderly man, in his 60s, sits down next to me and starts chatting. He asks me where I am from, what I am doing there, the basics. I am usually friendly, although I always keep my guard up, so I reply to him very shortly that I am there for a festival and waiting for my friends.

Then he starts to be really annoying and creepy, constantly telling me “Oh, maybe they are leaving you here alone.” “You can stay at my place, don’t worry.” “Want to go with me now?” “Don’t worry, I have condoms with me.”

I became very uncomfortable, but do not want to leave the train station as I have no idea where to go and he could easily follow and trap me, so being in a crowded place made me feel safer. I spend lots of time in the bathroom in order to avoid him. At one point, I see a police officer there, so I think about going to talk to him to help me, but the old guy is faster and goes to talk him and I realize that they are friends.

I am really scared, and telling my friends on the phone what is happening.

Suddenly, I see another guy around my age standing up, maybe 20 meters from me, and looking at me. I get up, go to him and ask if he minds me being near him. He smiles and says “Yeah, I noticed what happened. Don’t worry; you can stay here with me until your friends arrive.” And so he did, and the old guy left me alone.

Thank you, random dude that saved me in those terrible hours.

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