Starting A Chain Reaction

| ON, Canada | Friendly | September 26, 2014

(My friend and I are working on a game when my dad goes for a walk with my mom.)

Dad: “Text us if you need anything. And I don’t want the house full of chicks when I get home!”

(It’s a running joke in our family that whenever I’m home alone, I have a bunch of girls in the house.)

Me: “Yes, you do.”

Dad: “That is not true. I have the best one right here.” *gestures to my mom*

Me: “Then why are you always noting the hotness of other girls?”

Dad: “There’s no problem with looking!”

Friend: “Yeah, but all you can do is run to the end of your chain and bark.”

(We all started laughing hysterically at that one! I gave my friend a high ten and we went back to our game.)

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