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Starter For Ten

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(I’ve got an interview at a local company at ten am. The interviewer called me to set it up, then sent an email to confirm. I walk in right at ten.)

Employee: “Hi, can I help you?”

Me: “I have an interview with [Interviewer] at ten. My name is [My Name].”

Employee: “Oh… Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, I got an email confirming it yesterday. Why?”

Employee: “[Interviewer] doesn’t get here until 12:30. Can you come back at 1:00?”

Me: “I… guess so?”

(Thankfully, I only live about ten minutes away. I head back home, eat some lunch, watch some TV, and drive back over there, walking in at 1:00.)

Employee: “Oh! You came back!”

Me: “Yes?”

Employee: “She’s still not here, and I’m not sure if she’s coming in. Do you want to come back tomorrow?”

Me: *trying not to show my annoyance* “No, I have another interview tomorrow. I’ll wait.”

(I sit in the lobby and wait. Thirty minutes later, a woman walks out of her office, notices me, and frowns.)

Interviewer: “[My Name]? Your interview was at ten.”

Me: “They said you weren’t here at ten.”

Interviewer: “Oh… Right… I wasn’t. Come on back, then.”

(She rattled off the requirements of the job, asked if I had any questions, then shooed me out the door. Time of interview: five minutes.)

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