It Started A Long Time Ago, In A Conversation Far, Far Away

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(I am working at a movie theater taking tickets while a very popular space movie is out. Sometimes we get people asking what time a movie might end because they are picking someone up.)

Customer: “What time does [Movie] end?”

Me: “What time did it start?”

Customer: *not paying attention* “[Movie].”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, what time did [Movie] start?”

Customer: *getting aggravated now* “The [Movie]. When does it end?”

Me: “I know, ma’am, but I need to know what time it started to tell you when it ends.”

Customer: “Why? Can’t you see it on there?”

Me: “Yes, but I need to know when, because we have had different showings all day.”

Customer: *starting to raise her voice* “Oh, come on. How many showings have you had?”

Me: “Currently, out of the fifteen auditoriums in this theater, five of them have been showing [Movie], and each of them have shown this movie at least four times so far today. So, what time did the movie start?”

Customer: “Oh. Well, it started at [time].”

Me: *long sigh*

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