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Start By Studying Their Own Conversations

| Learning | July 30, 2013

(I travel to University three days a week on public transport. I’m always on the same carriage, and so are a group of high-schoolers. For most of the year, I have listened to them talk about how they always ‘jig’, or skip certain lessons. One of them reveals they hardly ever go to English or Math. It’s clear they’re all quite proud of themselves and think they’re really cool. Then it comes time in the year for exams to begin, and I hear the conversations change.)

Teen #1: “Oh-em-gee! Exams make me so nervous.”

Teen #2: ‘Oh, I know, right? I’m like, so worried that I won’t pass math.”

Teen #1: “Yeah! And like, I don’t understand anything that’s happening in English, and no one wants to explain it to me. It’s like they’re too busy studying.”

Teen #2: “That’s so rude! Why do exams even have to happen? Ugh!”

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