Staring With A Singular Objective

, , , | Right | September 28, 2018

(I am a female in my early twenties, waiting tables in a bar, and as such am fairly used to customers drunkenly attempting to flirt with staff. I am waiting on a table of three — a couple and a single man. The meal is going fairly smoothly, besides the fact that I have several times caught the single man obviously checking me out. As I drop off the check, the woman at the table decides to make a move.)

Woman: “Are you single? My husband and I are always looking for people to go on double dates with us, and my brother-in-law here thinks you’re really cute.”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but I’m actually not single.”

Woman: “But I don’t see a ring on your finger!”

Me: “Well, I’m not married, but my boyfriend and I have been together about six months.”

Woman: “Oh, well, in that case, we’ll just come back in a few months and try again!”

Me: “…”

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