Standard Deviation Has Died

, , , , | Friendly | October 19, 2018

(I’m explaining to a coworker during coffee break what my pet peeves are:)

Me: “My pet peeve is when in a movie there’s an airplane tumbling out of the sky, and a child turns to their father to ask, ‘Are we going to die?’ and the dad says, ‘NO, of course not!’ Of course we’re going to die! We’re all going to die! Maybe not today, but we’re all going to die!”

Coworker: *starting to smirk* “What makes you say that?”

Me: “Statistics. Literally many billions of people have lived on this earth, and none of them have grown much older than a hundred years. Everybody dies.”

Coworker: “Statistics, you say? Well… there are currently literally billions of people alive, including you and me, and literally none of them have ever died before… so…”


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