Stand And Deliver (And Install)

, , , | Working | March 19, 2020

(I have to buy a new TV — a 55″ — from a popular electronics store. It is going on top of an electric fireplace with a pretty mantle that I have just gotten and put together. I make sure to have it ready before the TV is delivered so that the delivery guys can put it on. When they arrive, they come in with the big box and proceed to leave it on the floor before starting back towards the door.)

Me: “Wait, aren’t you guys going to unpack it and put it up for me?”

Delivery Guys: “Sorry, but we don’t do that unless it’s requested when you order it.”

(I had not selected the option to have it set it up for an extra fee, assuming that by “set up,” that means plugging it in, programming it, etc. All I need, and expected, is to have the TV unboxed and put where I want it. It has been seven years since I bought my last TV from this same store, and that time, it was a given that they would do that.)

Me: “I wasn’t expecting you to actually hook everything up and set up the WiFi or anything, but I thought you would at least put it where I wanted it. I’m 4’11” and live alone, and there’s no way I can get that TV up there by myself!”

(The delivery guys apologize again and say that they’re only to bring it in, and I begrudgingly thank them as they leave. I turn to the box and wonder how exactly I’m going to get that up on my mantle. Then, the doorbell rings, and I open it to find that the delivery guys are back.)

Delivery Guys: “We’ll put it up for you.”

(I let them back in, and they unboxed the TV, drilled the feet on — something else I’d have needed to do — and put it up on the mantle. I gratefully gave them $20, which they tried to refuse, and a couple of canned sodas for the road. They were very nice to come back and do that, because they certainly didn’t have to. Thanks, electronics store delivery guys!)

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