Stamping A Great Lesson To Your Children

, , , | Right | June 6, 2020

I am nine and my brother is three. We’re in a well-known kids’ restaurant that also has kids’ games to play. When a kid enters, the parents must pay the kid admission and have each kid stamped on the hand.

My dad thinks that this is unfair, so he pays for me and smuggles my little brother in. The ticket girl notices but says nothing. When we leave, there’s another clerk that checks the hands of the kids. My dad sees this.

Dad: “Oh, no. Look, [My Name], I’ll distract her and you run for the exits with your brother. Do not look back or stop, okay?”

He goes and I do as he says. However, my little brother is crying because he doesn’t want to leave, and he stumbles. I go back to pick him up and the clerk’s eye falls on me.

Clerk: “Excuse me, little girl, bring that kid here so I can check his hand.”

My dad sees this and goes over. My brother’s hand is checked and of course, no stamp is there. The clerk and my dad exchange words.

Clerk: *Sternly* “Each child should be stamped. Next time you try this, you’ll be banned.”

Dad: “Right, sorry.”

Me: “But Dad, you knew about it—”

Dad: “Hush!”

On the way to the car, my dad yelled at me for not running faster. I told him about my brother falling and he yelled at him, too. Thankfully, my dad never tried it again!

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