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Stamp Of Disapproval

, , , | Right | November 3, 2022

I’m a clerk at a small rural post office. The front office is closed during lunch break for one hour so we can leave if we need to in order to get lunch.

I hear a knocking on the front door. Normally, we are not supposed to answer the door when we are closed unless there is someone with a postal badge on the other side, but this particular day, I decide to interrupt my lunch to help the lady on the other side.

Customer: “I desperately need three stamps!”

I oblige her and sell her three stamps for $1.35.

Customer: “Thank you so much!”

She leaves, and I go back and sit down to enjoy my lunch again. About twenty minutes later, I hear a knocking again. I helped someone before, so I might as well do it now since I’m through eating.

I open the door and it’s the same lady again.

Customer: “I have a problem. I’m mailing off bills and don’t want these pretty stamps you’ve given me.”

Me: “Unfortunately, we don’t have any other stamps at the moment because we’re running low on stamps. That’s why I gave you the prettier ones.”

Customer: *Rolls her eyes* “Fine! Just give me a refund, then; I don’t want these stamps.”

Me: “I’m not able to give refunds for stamps as all sales are final.”

It says this at the bottom of every USPS receipt, as well. She flies off the handle.

Customer: “I want my g**d*** money back! You had no right to give me those stamps!”

This was ALL during my lunch break when I decided to do something nice for her when I didn’t have to. I no longer open that door during lunch for ANY reason. I don’t give a s*** if it’s some little old lady on the other side who just needs a single stamp to mail a card to her dying father.

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