Squawk At The Mohawk

| WI, USA | Friendly | June 13, 2014

(I have told my friends I am going to get my hair cut short. They don’t suspect I am getting a mohawk, as I have shoulder length hair. Later, three of my friends come over to visit. They knock on my door so I come out to greet them. It’s chilly so I’m wearing a beanie. My friend notices something off. )

Friend : “[My Name]… take off your hat.”

(I take off the beanie; revealing a mostly-shaved head and the mohawk. My friend promptly slaps me across the face as the other two look on in shock.)

Me: *deadpan* “Was that really necessary?”

Friend: “Why would you do that to your beautiful hair!? It was getting so long and pretty and… AGH!”

Me: *shrug* “So… pool at the bar?”

(The rest of the outing carried on as normal. I still chuckle about this whenever I cut my hair super short.)

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