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Spreads Like The Couponic Plague

| Romantic | June 16, 2012

(A random, creepy guy, walks up to me and pulls out a pink slip of paper.)

Guy: “Read it.”

Me: “’This coupon entitles you to one romantic evening of your choice’…what the h***?”

Guy: “So? Do you accept?”

Me: “Er…no thanks.”

Guy: *dejectedly* “Aw, that’s too bad.”

(He looks behind me to see another girl walking past. He approaches her and hands her the ‘coupon’.)

Guy: “So? Do you accept?”

Girl: “Ew, no. I’m a lesbian.”

Guy: “D***!”

(The guy proceeded to continue down the hallway, offering the ‘coupon’ to every girl he passed by!)

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