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Spreading The Love, One Pyramid Scheme At A Time

, , , , | Friendly Working | May 16, 2022

A girl from my former church has managed to recruit a whole bunch of people from there to a popular multi-level marketing scheme. As a result, I keep getting pitched on social media by people that she has recruited. I am polite when telling them no.

However, after a long day at work, I arrive home to find yet ANOTHER social media invite to a “networking” event in my inbox. I leave a comment on the post asking them to take me off whatever list I’ve ended up on, because I’m not interested in MLMs, please and thank you. I don’t name anyone and I try to be polite, but firm. A few minutes later, I get a private message from the original “upline,” the girl from my former church.

Girl: “I saw your post. Who invited you?”

Me: “[Girl #2].”

Girl: “Sorry if you were offended by the invite, but you could’ve been nicer. [Girl #2] is new. You didn’t have to embarrass her.”

Me: “I didn’t name anyone until you asked me. I just want all of you to stop contacting me.”

Girl: “You go to [My Old Church], right? How about you be a good rep and show some love instead of being a discourager?”

Me: “I switched churches over a year ago. Please leave me alone.”

Girl: “Well, that’s not surprising!”

Me: “You want to talk about being a good rep of [Old Church]? You’re not great at it, either. Bye.”

She was still typing when I blocked her.

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