Spreading Sparkles Of Justice

, , , , , | Right | May 19, 2020

I’m walking up to a coffee shop. A group of rowdy but harmless-looking teenagers are sitting outside.

Male Teenager: *To me* “Hey! I’m Sparkles!”

I reply in my best “grownup-talking-to-a-small-child” voice.

Me: “Well… Yay for being Sparkles, sweetie!”

Male Teenager: “I love her! I love this woman!”

I walk inside, still smiling, and I’m about to suggest the employees provide no more caffeine to the teens outside when I see the employees are clearly distressed and trying to calm a man in the store shouting and berating the barista.

Customer: “I wanted this iced! You are useless!”

Suddenly, he looks at me, trying to drag me into the ordeal.

Customer: “I’ll bet even she knows what I want when I say I want a ‘breve’ latte!”

Again, I call forth my best “grownup-talking-to-a-small-child” voice.

Me: “Yes, I do. It means that you want a latte made with hot half-and-half instead of milk… unless, of course, you ordered it iced.”

The man now realizes the error was his and waits quietly while the barista — now fighting back laughter instead of tears — prepares him the breve latte he ordered. He leaves.

Barista: “Thank you so much! Your drink is on me tonight!”

As I walk outside, the male teenager again shouts:

Male Teenager: “I’m still not over this woman! I love her!

I walked to my car sipping my free drink, feeling loved!

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