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Spread The (Wrong) Word

| Friendly | February 11, 2016

(It’s finals week and really cold, which is quite unusual where I live. My friend and I have just come out of the examination hall and are waiting outside for the next paper to start. Note that my friend is a really short girl while I’m a  considerably tall guy. She is sitting on the ground next to a supporting column while I stand as my legs are really sore. The following conversation ensues.)

Friend: “Sit down.”

Me: “Don’t wanna. My legs are really sore from sitting for so long.”

Friend: “Then sit down and spread your legs.”

Me: “That won’t help.”

Friend: “It’s hard for me to look at you though!”

Me: “Lean against that pillar, then.”

Friend: *getting frustrated, therefore shutting down her mind to mouth filter* “Sit your a** down and spread your legs!”

Me: *speechless for a moment before I burst out laughing*

Friend: *blushes furiously* “Nooooo! I didn’t mean that!”

(I was laughing too hard to make a comeback.)

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