Spread Around The Coupon Or She’ll Spread Around Her Anger

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(A customer hands me a coupon.)

Customer: “This is for up to $12.99.”

(This is kind of weird, but I assume she is just trying to help me by showing me the fine print. I check it over, and it does say that the item is free up to that value, so I scan through her item — which is only $7.49 — and take the value of the item off. Immediately after that item, however, she has an identical item, and as I go to grab it, she interrupts.)

Customer: “So, the rest of the $12.99 comes off the second item, right?”

Me: “Um, no, it’s for one item, so you just get the $7.49 off.”

Customer: “No. It’s for up to $12.99, so I get the $12.99 off if I buy these two items.”

Me: “No, see, it says right here on the coupon that it’s just for one item, so I can only take that much off.”

(She takes a deep breath before glaring at me.)

Customer: “No. That’s not how it works. My friend had the same coupon, and when she got home and saw they only took the $7.49 off, she came back in, and they gave her the full $12.99 off, so you have to give me the $12.99, too.”

Me: “Well, um, I’m sorry, but–“

Customer: “Is there anyone you can call over that I can speak with?”

Me: “Um, let me grab my supervisor…”

(I grab her and bring her over. The woman repeats her story, and my supervisor carefully reads the coupon.)

Supervisor: “No, I’m sorry, but [My Name] was right; this coupon is only valid on one item. You can only get the $7.49 off. The $12.99 is just there because places price things different and it needs to have a maximum value to protect us.”

(With a huff, the woman grabs the coupon back.)

Customer: “Fine! I’ll take it somewhere else and get them to do it right!”

(She stormed out.)

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