Spoon-Feeding You The Menu

, , , , | Working | April 21, 2020

(I am in a restaurant, sitting quite close to the place where they keep all their menus, so instead of getting the waiter to get me a menu, I take one for myself. A waiter rushes over when he sees me take the menu.)

Waiter: “No, no, no! Sir, you cannot take these yourself!”

Me: “But they are right beside me, and it’s much more convenient to take them myself than to call you over just to take it.”

Waiter: “Sir, please put back the menu this instant. Customers are not supposed to do things by themselves in this restaurant. If you want a menu, you have to call me over to help you take one.”

Me: “Fine. Since you guys are supposed to help with everything, give me a menu, get me an order of [food], and feed me. After that, pay the bill for me, too, will you?”

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