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Spite And Bite The Finger In Your Face

| Related | March 26, 2014

(I have to glance up about every five minutes when reading in the car or I get car-sick. My older brother has stretched his arm across our younger sister and has his finger positioned so that it is right in my face when I glance up.)

Sister: “Stop it, [Brother]! Get your arm out of my face!”

Me: *as I start reading again* “Get your hand out of my face.”

Brother: “My hand’s not in your face! It’s free air!”

Mom: “Cut it out, [Brother], or I’m going to duct tape your arms to your sides.”

(He drops his arm but as soon as I glance up again he puts his finger in my face so I lurch forward and bite it.)

Brother: *yelps* “OW! OW! Mama! [My name] is biting me! She’s gonna bite my finger off!”

(I clamp down harder for good measure then let go.)

Brother: *incredulous* “You were just gonna let her bite it off!?”

Dad: “If that’s what it takes to make you stop antagonizing your sister, yes.”

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