| Related | April 18, 2013

(My mother, aunt, cousin, and I go to a popular amusement park. My cousin and I want to ride a spinning whirl, so all four of us get on. As we spin round and round, my mother becomes ill. After the ride was over, my mom and aunt thinks it would be best to leave. We are at the parking lot outside the park when she has to stop.)

Mom: “Oh, God, I’m gonna be sick!”

Aunt: “I told you not to get on the ride with them. You know they like to spin that wheel for all it’s worth.”

(My mother begins to gag, and has to drop to her knees by the sidewalk. So as not to see her vomit, my cousin and I turn to watch the go karts on the other side of the fencing, but we can still hear our parents behind us.)

Aunt: “Are you going to be okay, sis?”

Mom: *gagging* “No!”

(As she continues to vomit, another woman appears and tilts her nose up at my mother.)

Other Woman: “Well, I never! How could you get drunk with children around? Some people have no class these days!”

Aunt: “Listen lady, if she could get up from the pavement, she’d tell you she’s sick from taking my son and her daughter on a ride. If you tried to say she was lying, she’d kick your a**. H***, I’ll kick your a** if you don’t start walking.”

(The woman hurries to her car. My aunt helps my mom to her feet. The next night, she comes back to conquer the ride. She gets sick again, but she makes it to the bathroom this time!)

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