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Spinning A Yarn About The Backroom

| Working | May 2, 2015

(I am an avid crocheter despite being only eighteen. I am in the middle of making a stuffed toy for my young cousin for her birthday when I realize I am missing one of the colors of yarn that I need. I go to a large retail store in my area to pick some up and head over to the craft aisle, but I don’t see the color in question. I flag down a store employee.)

Me: “Excuse me, but do you possibly have any cream-colored yarn in the back? I’m not seeing any on the shelves.”

Employee: “Cream-colored yarn…” *stares at the shelf for a few moments*

Me: “Yeah, I looked the whole section up and down a few times. Didn’t see any out. Could you check the back?”

Employee: “Cream-colored yarn…”

Me: “Um… yes… As I said, there doesn’t appear to be any out here.”

Employee: “Oh, okay. I’ll go check the back for you!”

Me: *resisting the urge to face-palm* “Do you mind if I tag along? Last time I asked someone to get yarn from the back, they came back with the wrong colors. It’ll save you a trip.”

Employee: *suddenly extremely panicked* “NO! Customers are NOT ALLOWED in the back! You can’t come! I SAID NO!”

Me: *wide-eyed and backing off* “All right, all right! I get it!”

(I’m now convinced that place hides dead bodies in the back. Also, the employee came back with bright yellow yarn.)

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