Spieling Over

| Working | September 14, 2016

(The manager at the store I used to work for was ridiculously by the book. If the corporate office “suggested” each employee should have X number of customers per day, then he insisted that’s how many they should have, even if there weren’t enough customers during the entire day to get everyone the same number. He also required employees to give this long spiel whenever a customer walked in, even if it was a customer the employee knew. We’d occasionally even lose customers because of things like this. About six months after I left, I go into the store to pick up a friend of mine, who still works there, for lunch. As I walk in, a new employee I don’t recognize approaches me.)

Employee: “Hi, welcome to [Store]…” *he starts to launch into the speech*

Me: *smiles* “It’s okay; no need to give me the spiel. I used to work here.”

Employee: *chuckles nervously* “Oh… uh… no problem. It’s just…” *checks over his shoulder and sees [Manager] coming out of the back room* “I’ve only been able to do one of these today.”

Me: “[Manager] said you’d have to have a ‘one-on-one’ if you didn’t get anymore, right?”

Employee: “Yeah…”

Me: *sighing, I turn around, walk out the door and back in* “Okay, I’m a brand new customer! Give me the spiel!”

(He gladly gave me the store speech, which apparently had been added onto since I’d left. He finished right around the time my friend clocked out to have lunch with me.)

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