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Spider-Man: No Cell Phone

, , , , , | Right | February 1, 2022

Spoiler alert! The movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is playing. As many of you know, the post-credits scene is the teaser-trailer for the movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” About five days after “Spider-Man: No Way Home” premiered, Marvel went ahead and released the teaser-trailer online, making the fact it’s a post-credit scene in “No Way Home” a bit redundant.

As is often the case with Marvel movies, we have to keep an eye out on people trying to record the screen. It’s been about ten days since the movie was released, and I’m waiting to clean the theater with a supervisor right before the post-credit scene plays. I see a guy whipping out his phone to record the post-credit “Doctor Strange” trailer. I wander up to him.

Me: “First of all, you can’t be recording the screen. Second, Marvel actually released the post-credit scene online, so there’s no reason to record it, anyway.”

Customer: “Oh, h*** no! They don’t release the credits scenes online! That’s just stupid! You just don’t want me to record! I’m recording this! I’m getting a million views for my channel and promoting my band!”

Me: “I guarantee you’re not going to get a million views given the scene was already officially released online, and chances are, your video is just going to get copyright flagged, anyway.”

Supervisor: *Quietly to me* “Come here.”

I wander back to my supervisor. The customer ignores me and records the screen. My supervisor laughs and pulls out his phone. As soon as the scene is done, my supervisor walks down and holds his phone up in front of the guy’s face with the teaser-trailer loaded up.

Supervisor: “Look familiar? Marvel put this online like five days ago.”

The guy immediately looks completely and utterly defeated. He stands up and sadly walks away.

Customer: “Aw, man… S***. I was gonna get a million views… S***.”

We technically should have stopped him, but it was worth it to let him do it just to see the reaction on his face at the end.

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