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Spider-Man Needs A Spider-Woman

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(I work in a museum section that has a lot of children come through, so we have colouring and other activities. They’re usually related to museum content: native animals and the like. I am a woman and an arachnologist.)

Patron: *holding a colouring sheet* “Do you have anything for my girls to colour in?”

(I look behind her. There’s two girls and two boys. The girls look a little older, but not by much.)

Me: “The girls are allowed to colour in, too, if they want. We don’t mind.”

Patron: “No, like, colouring that the girls can do.”

Me: “I don’t understand what you mean. Are you worried about the pencils? The chairs?”

Patron: “I need something girl-ish, for the girls to colour in. This has a spider on it. Spiders are for boys.”

Me: *very long pause* “Ma’am. Spiders are for everyone.”

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