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Sphere Today, Polygon Tomorrow

| Learning | May 28, 2013

(We are looking at basic geometry, and our teacher is rather condescending and is treating us all like we have no idea what shapes were.)

Teacher: “So, the least amount of sides a shape can have is how many?”

Me: “Two!”

Teacher: “No! [My name] clearly needs to learn basic shapes. The least amount of sides a shape can have is three. Two sides is not possible.”

Me: “But—”

Teacher: “Why not come up to the board and try to draw a shape with two sides?”

(I slowly walk up to the front of class, and silently draw a semi-circle on the board, then return to my seat.)

Teacher: “Well…”

(The topic was dropped, and we moved on. That teacher treated me badly for the rest of my four years in middle school, but it felt good knowing that as a nine year old, I knew what I was talking about.)

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