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Sperm Of The Moment Answer

| Learning | September 26, 2013

(I’m studying for a degree in communication design. We’re at a workshop to practice making associations and firing up ideas through observation. We have a Thai classmate whose English isn’t great, but loves to contribute in class anyway.)

Tutor: “Let’s think about a bus stop. What can we see there?”

Classmate #1: “Signs.”

Classmate #2: “Route maps.”

Classmate #3: “Seats.”

Thai Classmate: “The semen floor.”

(Everyone in class is shocked, including the tutor, who goes bright red. The class bursts into laughter.)

Tutor: “Sorry [Thai Classmate), what do you mean?”

Thai Classmate: “You know the semen floor? Semen?”

Tutor: “Hmmm. I’m not sure.”

Thai Classmate: *confused* “You know the semen floor? The semen floor! The grey things on the floor!” *pointing downwards*

Tutor: “Oh! You mean the cement floor!”

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