Spend All Day With Nags, Risk Becoming One

, , , | Right | November 26, 2018

I work in a store that sells, among other things, horse supplies. Dealing with horse owners is my least favorite part of the job. They’re snobby, extremely rude, and cheap. They’ll brag about having paid $100K for their truck and trailer, having put up a $200K barn, and having spent $500 for the most gaudy riding outfit money could buy, yet will tear a store employee a new one over the cost of a $5 bag of feed.

Recently a coworker had a particularly nasty experience with a local breeder. She did her best to explain why we couldn’t do a quantity discount, plus an employee discount, plus a sale price from two years ago, and she came away red-faced and shaking. Later on I found her at our information desk. Sitting on the counter was a small plastic figurine of a horse. We sell those, and I figured a customer had left it misplaced somewhere. I asked about it. She didn’t miss a beat:

“I’m thinking of buying it. Apparently, you can treat the rest of the world like s*** if you own one.”

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