Spelt Out How She Was Dealing With It

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(I’m in line when a mother and teenager join me. The teenager picks up some display biscuits.)

Daughter: “What the…? Spelt biscuits? What the heck are spelt biscuits?”

Mother: “Well, they are biscuits, made out of…”

Daughter: “I get that! Jeez! I mean, what the heck are spelt biscuits?!”

Mother: “Spelt is a kind of…”

Daughter: “I know! Gosh, Mom, gosh! Never mind, okay?!”

Mother: “Oh, I forgot something…” *leaves the line*

Daughter: “What? Mom, come back! Mom! I’m not staying here! If you won’t come back right now, I’m leaving without you! Mom! UGH! MOM!”

(By the time I was finished with the cashier, the mother still hadn’t returned and the daughter was still waiting. I really felt sorry for the girl; apparently, puberty hit her hard, and Mom knew exactly how to deal with it!)

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