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Speeding Away From Customer Service

, , , | Working | March 12, 2019

(I’ve hired a driving service to get home from my aunt’s house since I don’t have a car. I’ve used this service before and all other rides have been fantastic, including the one after this. But this one? This one is the only one I’d say angered me beyond belief! She starts driving before I’ve even buckled in and for the first bit, I’m not sure, but it feels like she is speeding. I see on her dashboard where it tracks how fast we are going in big, bright numbers. And then, we pass a sign that reads, “35 mph.” She is going 46.)

Me: “Slow down, please.”

Driver: *ignores me and takes a hard turn that knocks me to one side, even with me buckled in*


Driver: “Do you want me to stop the ride?”

(I look outside and we’re on a BACK ROAD with no street lights near an abandoned middle school.)

Me: “No. I’d like for you to go the speed limit, please.”

(The driver muttered and started driving five to ten miles under the speed limit to be spiteful and petty. The moment I saw a brightly-lit gas station on a busy road, I had her drop me off, called the service, and got my money back. I can understand street familiarity and going maybe one or two miles over the speed limit. But eleven?! And then to get rude after being asked to slow down? No way.)

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