Special Roundup: Last Day On The Job!

| Right | December 11, 2017

Ah, the final shift. The last day you have to endure the cacophony of entitled customers whose sole task of the day is to make themselves feel better by belittling, condescending, and generally breaking you down to tears. All this behavior had to be endured for any reprisal would risk losing your job… until now. Now, you’re quitting anyway, so why not have the last laugh?

Dear readers, please revel in the satisfaction of the roundup below: a collection of stories where the employee, emboldened by their last shift, finally gets to say what they’ve always wanted…


This Extra Working Just Isn’t Working – “I don’t even work here now and I’m still working.”

A Stamp Of Disapproval – “You need to leave. Now.”

Don’t Trust ’em If They Bring No Custom – “Actually, I never saw you in here once in the three years I worked here. YOU are the reason we’re going out of business, you vulture!”

Will Explain That At The Hearing – “Well, sir, if you would have been listening, I told you three times to hold the f*** on while I was helping another customer.”

An Eye-Popping Transaction – “So, it’s okay for me to lose my eye because your grandson really wants these balloons blown up, huh?”

What Is The Price To Get Rid Of You? – “Says the guy trying to haggle like we’re at a god-d*** flea market! I don’t give a s*** anymore. Either pay the price shown on the register, or get the h*** out of my store!”

Cease-Fire Is Over When You Can’t Be Fired – “You came in here every single day for a year just to bully and ridicule me! You made me wait on you hand and foot, and complained the whole time, and you’ve yet to actually buy anything!”

And finally… since we want to end on a positive note:

A Service To Customer Service – “You’ve always been so nice to me and given me the greatest customer service. I’m going to miss you! Here, take my phone number and call me when you come back.”


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