Speaking With A Gravelly Concern

, , , | Right | August 20, 2018

(My company sells both stone and bulk gravel. I have a family of four comes in to look at stone an hour before we close, and I help them for about thirty minutes before they go to leave. They drive to the back of our location where the gravel piles are, but as this is common before customers leave I think nothing of it.)

Coworker: *fifteen minutes later, coming in from the back* “Did you know that the family you waited on is climbing and playing on the gravel piles?”

Me: “No. They were finished looking and didn’t say anything about gravel. But they’re actually just playing on the piles?”

Coworker: “Yeah, the parents and kids both are playing on the top of some of the smaller piles.”

(We occasionally have kids climbing on the gravel piles, but never adults. I try to let them leave without being told, as they know we are closing soon, but eventually at closing time I head back to them. All four are sitting on top of a gravel pile laughing and joking.)

Me: *in my car, clearly trying to leave, as my coworkers have already left* “Hello. I’m sorry but we’re actually closed now. If you could come down and pull out of the gate so I can lock up, I’d appreciate it.”

Father: “Oh, but the children are having so much fun! Can’t we stay a while longer?”

Me: *disbelieving* “No, sir. We closed a few minutes ago, and I need to lock up. Please come down and pull your car out of the gate.”

(I then had to sit there as the family slowly crawled down the gravel pile while grumbling the whole time about having to leave when they were having so much fun. We’re not an amusement park, folks.)

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