Speaking Up For Technology

| Learning | May 18, 2017

(I’ve had this professor for multiple classes, and at the beginning of the year in every class he says some variation of this:)

Professor: “My hearing is going. Consider this: a hearing aid is $5,000, but speaking up is free.”

(This semester, he’s on sabbatical, but substitutes for one of my classes one day, and this happens at the beginning of class:)

Professor: *talks to a student in the back* “[Student #1], say something.”

Student #1: “Uh… something?”

Professor: *smiles and nods* “[Student #2], you say something.”

Student #2: “Um… hello?”

Professor: “Good. [Student #3]?”

Student #3: “Hi there?”

Professor: “Hi there. So, it turns out, for $5,000, you can hear people.”

(Later, while we were having small group discussion, he came over to me and showed me how he can turn up and down the volume for his hearing aid through his phone. At least he seemed to be enjoying his new hearing aid!)

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