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Speaking Different Sign Languages

| Working | July 27, 2013

(I do entrance paperwork for new hires on their first day of work. Our direct deposit forms require both account-holders’ signatures for a joint account direct deposit.)

New Hire: “And here’s my direct deposit form.”

Me: ” Ah, since this is a joint account, you’ll have to have your husband sign as well. You can bring this back tomorrow and your supervisor will send it over to me.”

New Hire: “Do I have to? I mean, I have the check right here.”

Me: “It’s a legal document, so yes; he has to sign it.”

New Hire: “Can’t I just forge it?”

(The new hire signs his name on the joint line.)

New Hire: “See? I know how to do it.”

Me: “And since I just saw you do that, and you told me you were forging it, we can’t accept it. You’ll have to take it home to have him sign it.”

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