Speak For Yourself

, , , , | Working | April 1, 2019

(I work in the same room as twelve other people. My colleague answers the phone:)

Colleague: “Hello. [Company], [Colleague] speaking. How may I help?”

(The caller says something.)

Colleague: “Umm…” *pause* “How may I help you today?”

(The call continues. After she puts the phone down, she has a rather puzzled look on her face.)

Us: “Are you all right?”

Colleague: “Yes, just confused. At the start of the call I said, ‘Hello, [Colleague] speaking,’ and he said, ‘Oh. You must be related to Rebecca Speaking.’”

(A few of us giggle, and others roll their eyes or groan a little at the joke.)

Colleague: “I don’t get it.”

(Don’t worry; we explained it to her once we’d stopped roaring with laughter.)

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