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Spare Tire With Kindness To Spare

| Friendly | June 23, 2014

(It is the late 1990s, so very few people have cell phones. I am 19 years old and driving to work in my grandmother’s car which is literally as old as I am. I have a tire blow out on the highway, and it is all I can do to pull over. I am alone, unable to call anyone I know, and utterly stumped as to what to do next. The car has a CB radio, though, and my grandparents told me that if I ever have a problem, truckers will help me. So I pick up the CB.)

Me: “Hi, this is…” *I flail around for a CB handle, having never needed one before* “Baby Blue. I’m driving a [Make Of Car] on Route 22 and I’ve just had a flat tire. Is anyone nearby who could maybe flag a police officer for me? Over.”

(After a few seconds, a friendly male voice comes at me.)

Trucker: “Hey there, Baby Blue. I’m not too far from where you’re at. You going east or west?”

Me: “West.”

Trucker: “What can you see where you are?”

Me: “I’m right by the [Local Mall], actually. Just past the exit.”

Trucker: “Sit tight, little darlin’. I’m on my way.”

(Less than ten minutes later, a tractor trailer pulls up behind me driven by a man easily old enough to be my father. He examines the tire and shakes his head.)

Trucker: “You stay here, okay? I’m going to go over there to [Tire Store] and see what they can do for you.”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but I don’t have any cash on me.”

Trucker: “Don’t you worry about it. Just stay in the car.”

(I’m really unnerved by the whole thing, but do as he says. Some 20 minutes later, a familiar voice comes over the radio.)

Trucker: “Baby Blue, you there?”

Me: “Right here!”

Trucker: “[Tire Store] gave me a used tire for you at no charge. I’m on my way back to you now.”

(I am overjoyed and ready to cry. Before I can answer, though, another, far more lecherous voice cuts in.)

Other Trucker: “Wow, you’re really helping that chick. What’s she gonna do for YOU, huh?”

Trucker: *coldly* “You must not be from around here. Folks in the Lehigh Valley help each other. Hang on, Baby Blue, I’m coming off the exit now.”

(My knight in the shining tractor trailer returned a minute later and put the very good replacement tire on my car, and I was able to get to work safely. He refused to give me any contact information so I could send him a token of appreciation – but wherever you are, sir, thank you so much! You and the generous people at the tire store saved a very frightened young woman, and she’s never forgotten it!)

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