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Spare No Expense In Getting The Message Across

| Working | November 3, 2013

(I’m calling my bank’s call center.)

Me: “Hello, I have a small problem. I’m using your website, and I need to transfer some money to a foreign museum’s account. They have asked me to take care of all the expenses, including those for their bank.”

Bank Representative: “Yes, you can select the option to charge all the expenses on their account.”

Me: “Um, yes, I saw that. But what I need to do is the opposite. I need to pay all the expenses myself, and not make them pay for everything; there doesn’t seem to be an option for this on your website. I was wondering if there was any way to do it, or if you had any suggestions.”

Bank Representative: “You CAN’T do that!”

Me: “Yes, I know there’s no option for that. I’m asking if there’s any way I could make sure they don’t—”

(At this point the representative starts yelling at me.)

Bank Representative: “You CAN’T DO THAT!”

Me: “Yes, as I was saying, I—”

Bank Representative: “You CAN’T do that! You can’t! You CAN’T!”

Me: “I—”

Bank Representative: “YOU CAN’T DO THAT! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

Me: “Huh. Alright, thank you very much. Have a nice day…”

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