Spanish Germaniac

| Frankfurt, Germany | Friendly | June 4, 2015

(We’re on a school trip to Europe before our Senior year and three of us are leaning out the window of our sixth floor hotel room to talk to our classmates two rooms over because there’s no phones in our rooms. As we’re talking, a window three floors down opens and a head sticks out.)

German Guy: *something friendly in German*

Me: “Uh.”

Friend #1: “Um, we don’t—”

Friend #2: “HABLO NO ESPANOL!” *grabs us both by the backs of our shirts, drags us inside and slams the window shut*

Me: “Dude. You told him we don’t speak Spanish.”

Friend #1: “In Spanish. Bad Spanish.”

Friend #2: “I PANICKED, OKAY?!”

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