Spaghetti To Die For

, , , | Right | January 14, 2019

(I am the owner of a restaurant. It is an Italian restaurant that I named after my grandfather who taught me the restaurant business. Before the official opening, I invite several friends and family members to sample the food and evaluate service. About two weeks after the official opening a customer comes in with two other people.)

Customer: *to the server* “Hi. We were supposed to be here last week but could not make it. The owner gave me a coupon for a free meal for all of us because we were unable to attend the pre-opening.”

Server: “I am not sure that we are taking coupons.”

Customer: “I have a card signed by the owner, and he said to present it to you when I came in. I want my free meal.”

Server: “Let me get the manager and see what he says.”

Me: “Can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “The owner gave me this card saying we can get a free meal because I missed the opening. He signed it.”

Me: “May I see the card? I see the owner signed it. I am afraid I cannot accept this.”

Customer: “What do you mean, you can’t accept it? The owner signed it, and you work for the owner, so you must accept it.”

Me: “When did he give you this coupon?”

Customer: “Last week. I was at his house, and he gave it to me.”

Me: “So, you saw Joe [Surname] last week at his house. How did he look?”

Customer: “He looked fine. We want our meal now.”

Me: “I am sorry, but I cannot accept this, and I want you and your friends to leave now.”

Customer: *quite angry* “You have no right to throw me out. We want our meal. Do I have to call Joe?”

Me: “Please call him. I would love to talk with him since he died over fifty years ago and I am the owner.”

(The customer left.)

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