Spaced Out For The Paper

| GA, USA | Learning | December 2, 2015

(I go to an art college that pushes professionalism, but our general education classes are still very lax and simplified. I’ve decided to take an economics class to fill an elective. The professor teaches at many different colleges, but realizes none of us are wired for math, so we’re just learning an overview of economics. We’re about to start writing our final paper.)

Professor: “The paper is 4-6 pages long, with Chicago citations.”

Student #1: “Double spaced?”

Professor: “No, single spaced.”

Student #2: “Come on, that’s too much! I have so many other projects!”

Professor: “Fine, let’s compromise. I’ll let you do 1.5 spacing.”

Student #1: “So, double spacing?”

Student #3: “I think she said triple spacing.”

Student #4: “No, I’m pretty sure I heard ‘1.5 words per page.’”

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