Soured On Sweets

| Working | May 6, 2013

(I’m four years old. I’m at a bank with my dad, where they give out free candy to kids.)

Teller: “Here’s a lollipop for you.”

Me: “No, thanks. I don’t eat lollipops.”

Teller: “Why, that’s sad. Are you diabetic?”

Me: “Am I… what? I just don’t like candy.”

My Dad: “No, she isn’t diabetic. She just doesn’t like candy.”

Teller: “What kid doesn’t like candy?”

Dad & Me: *simultaneously* “Me.”

Teller: *to my dad* “You’re not a kid.”

My Dad: “I was one.”

Teller: “Well, just because your parents were so poor they didn’t buy you candy, doesn’t mean you have to deprive your kid of candy! This is free anyway if you’re so stingy!”

Me: “Please, I just don’t want candy. You can give it to someone else.”

My Dad: “What’s the matter with not wanting candy? FYI, my parents weren’t poor either. I simply didn’t want candy just like my daughter here doesn’t. I guess it runs in the family.”

Teller: “Kids should like candy! If she doesn’t then she has a mental problem. And so do you!”

(At this moment, the manager goes behind the teller.)

Manager: “What’s the problem here? If she doesn’t want candy, she doesn’t. There’s no mental issues to it. They like to be healthy. Leave them alone.”

(The manager waves a banana at us.)

Manager: “Sorry guys. How about a banana instead?”

(From then on, every time we went back and the manager saw us, I was given fresh fruit!)

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