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Sour Sauce And Sassy, Sick Sister

, , , , , | Related | April 28, 2022

I live with my sister. She has [contagious illness] and can’t smell well. She’s cooking spaghetti and adds sauce, and she asks me to try it. I do, and the sauce is sour.

Sister: “I’ll ask someone else.”

Me: “Don’t eat that! It’s rotten!”

My sister checks the bottle and frowns.

Sister: “Oh, it expired.”

Me: “See? I told you so!”

Sister: “I just thought… since you have acid reflux disease, everything tastes sour to you.”

Me: “Are you nuts? Everything doesn’t taste sour to me even though I have acid reflux! Is [illness] eating your brain cells?”

She dumped the spaghetti in disappointment. I’m glad she didn’t eat that sour stuff and get sicker!

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