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Sour Cream, Emphasis On “Sour”

, , , , | Right | December 11, 2021

I was working at a fast food restaurant over twenty-five years ago.

Customer: “I’d like ten tacos with sour cream.”

The sour cream add-on was fifty cents. A taco supreme is a regular taco with sour cream and tomatoes, and that’s only thirty cents more.

Without consulting my oh-so-smart and mathematically inclined customer, I added ten taco supremes with no tomatoes.

Customer: “That’s not what I ordered!”

Me: “It’s the same thing, but it will save you two dollars on your order.”

Customer: “Well… the customer is always right!”

So, I called my manager and went to go do some dishes. He refunded them the order and demanded payment for the extra $2 and change. The customer took umbrage.

Customer: “Why is it so much more expensive?”

My manager explained to them how math works and explained that I was trying to help save them money but they yelled and screamed at me.

Manager: “So… you’re right. You wanted ten tacos plus sour cream, so you owe us $2 plus tax.”

The customer paid and stared daggers at me while I was cleaning the floor. As a final “f*** you” to me, the customer purposefully wiped all the extra lettuce and cheese on the floor and stomped on it to seal in the flavor. People are really stupid sometimes.

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