Souped Up Complaints

, , , | Right | October 12, 2018

(I hand an order out and call out the name like normal. A customer walks up to get her sandwich, looks confused, and just stares at me for a few seconds.)

Me: “Is there anything you need?”

Customer: “Yeah, this was supposed to be heated.”

Me: “Oh, sorry, they must have missed that part when they were ringing it in.”

(Because the bread has nuts, I turn to ask a coworker if we can put that on the press, due to the allergen issue. The customer seems extremely displeased by this, her eyebrows climbing high enough to nearly hide in her hair. She rolls her eyes, crosses her arms, and scoffs. I turn back to her.)

Me: “Okay, we can heat that up for you. It’ll just be a second.”

Customer: *sarcastically* “Wow, really? That fast?”

Me: “Well, that was an exaggeration. It’ll take just under a minute to heat.”

(This earns another eye-roll.)

Customer: “But my soup will be cold by then! It probably already is.”

(By now her soup has been sitting on a plate for all of a minute.)

Me: “Oh, okay. I can pour it back and re-ladle it for you when your sandwich comes up, if you want.”

(This is entirely acceptable since it hasn’t even gone up to the counter yet. Her sandwich now only has ten seconds left on the press.)

Customer: “That seems really unsanitary. Just get me new soup.”

(The press beeped and her sandwich was done. Her soup was still sitting next to me, steaming hot. I decided to give up and just get her new soup. I poured her soup back after she left.)

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