Soup With A Side Of Confusion

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I am a waitress at a restaurant where soup or salad is included with the entrees. We have an option to upgrade the soup or salad to one of our premium options for $2.25.

Customer: “I would like the ribs with spaghetti.”

Me: “Great, and would you like that with a soup or salad?”

Customer: “I’ll take the French onion soup.”

Me: “Of course, and just to let you know, that is an upgrade.”

Customer: “That’s fine. But I’ll still take my salad with my meal.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s soup or a salad. Did you want to change the French onion soup to a salad?”

Customer: “No. I want the French onion soup. I’m paying extra for the soup, so I should still get the salad that’s included in my meal.”

Me: “The French onion soup is actually $4.95; we deduct the amount a starter salad would be from that price, so that’s why you pay a bit extra for the upgrade. By paying for the upgrade, it doesn’t mean you’re paying full price for the soup.”

Customer: “You’re not understanding me! I’m paying extra to get soup! But I still get a salad with my meal!”

Her husband chimes and tells her what I just said. She isn’t paying full price for the soup; she is just paying a portion for an upgrade.

Customer: *Glaring at me* “Well! You could have just told me that. I still think I should get a salad with my meal because of all this fuss.”

I didn’t want to continue explaining our policies to her, so I just agreed and brought her a salad with her meal… which she didn’t touch.

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