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Sounds Like A Well-Used Lane Of Inquiry

, , | Working | August 30, 2017

(I turn off the road into a shopping mall. The “streets” in the shopping center are two lanes in each direction. In front of me is a private shuttle bus, which is straddling the line between the lanes. The driver continues to drive on the center line, stopping at all stop signs, signaling his turns, and effectively blocking me. I’m tired and get fed up with this, so I copy down the phone number on the back of the bus and the license plate, and give them a call.)

Me: “I’m having a, uh, situation with one of your drivers. Whom should I talk with, please?”

Manager: *gruffly* “That would be me.”

Me: “Well, sir, I was going to [Store] and was behind one of your drivers. This is the license plate number. He was driving on the center line…”

Manager: *starts to laugh*

Me: “Even when the road forked, he was on the center line…”

Manager: *laughs harder*

Me: “So, I just thought I’d call you…”

Manager: “I know exactly who that is. What a fool! Wait until I talk to him… pick a lane, guy! Pick a lane!”

Me: *relieved* “My point exactly, sir.”

Manager: “I’ll handle it. Thank you! PICK A LANE!”

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